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Coding is going to be the generic literacy for future. We are living in a day and age when computers are nearly synonymous with every aspect of day-to-day life. Take it from a metallurgical engineer who is currently employed in the IT sector: Knowing how to code can potentially make your life moving into the next decade. You want to increase your future worth? Learn how to code!

But Why Coding? Some Statistics & Perspective

The Bureau for Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020, the gap in supply vs demand for Coders will increase to more than 1 million positions. This is in US alone. Out of 1.4 million jobs (in IT) in the coming decade, only 400,000 will have a qualified programmer on them. Opportunity for any enterprising individual right here. Glassdoor’s latest report on top 25 Jobs, has 10 positions which strictly require a strong knowledge of Coding. ()

Knowing how to code is breaking geographical boundaries enabling the coder to work from anywhere on the globe for a potential employer.

Let’s put the established interest in coding aside for a moment. Ultimately, the reason for learning a new skill, I guess, would be your ability to get money out of it. But coding is different. Late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, once said: “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, it teaches you how to think. “ Coding is way more than just writing pieces of seemingly random terminologies and making a computer do your bidding. You learn to think in ways a computer thinks. When you code, you start your thinking by asking yourself, how will you explain this problem in as simple a manner that a computer can understand the same thing. Take it from me, someone who is just entering the field of computers. Your thinking pattern completely changes.

Understanding code, is a great skill, which is in an ever-increasing demand today

How do I get into Coding?

Chances are, if you are reading this right now, you have access to the World Wide Web. If you have Internet, you can learn how to code. You can learn coding at your own pace, there are so many tools and courses available online that it can get overwhelming sometimes.

If you have Internet, you can learn how to code

My journey started from such a stage as well. My goal is to be able to understand Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and to do that, I must understand the basics first. So, I did your research for you, and found the easiest to go through basics tutorial for you, which you can get access to, today, free of cost!

The course I am talking about, and currently pursuing myself is Harvard’s cs50. The content presented in this course is so simple that I could understand and write my OWN COMPUTER PROGRAM without having to search for anything! Yes, the feeling of being able to tell the computer what to do is simply amazing. The course is free, you can pay a fee to get a certificate of completion if you so wish.

The course is hosted on eDX which is a great resource for other more advanced courses as well, but they can get really boring. Cs50 is entertaining, the teacher is enthusiastic, and it is kept extremely simple to understand. There is a community present where you can ask your questions if you get stuck with any assignments & problem sets.

The course’s main beauty is that it promises (because I am only at Week 5 myself) to teach you the basics, and goes through different topics starting from the easiest Scratch (a graphical computer language), to C, HTML, Java, Python etc. Not only do you learn the basics of coding in C, you also are introduced to some of the more popular coding languages, from which you can choose from if you wish to continue your journey further.

I, myself, am currently pursuing this course, while also having enrolled myself in Coursera’s Machine Learning Course. I will start this one once I am finished with cs50.


Understanding code, is a great skill, which is in an ever-increasing demand today. Learning it has been made easier by the availability of the Web, and it is a great asset in your arsenal, no matter what your current job is. You can pursue it at your own pace, and there are some great resources available on the web for you to look into. Whether you choose to follow Harvard’s cs50 ( is your own choice, but I would highly recommend this course having tried numerous others without much luck.

Feel free to reach out in case of any questions.


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