The International 2017 Kicks Off

The international 2017 opened the doors to what is going to be the Biggest gaming tournament of the year, yesterday (Aug 7th, 2017) at Key Arena, Seattle. It would seem that, given the communities’ fear about the production crew considering the rather lackluster group stage setting, the opening day, if anything was a resounding success.

Whether it be the opening ceremony of this year’s international, or the unique analyst and commentator set up, the ‘weather man Purge’ reports on the ending games, the event is oozing creativity.

This iteration of the International is the biggest yet, with a total prize pool having crossed $24million and counting. Considering where it all started, back in 2011 with the International having a total prize pool of $1.8million, this is huge. And it is all thanks to the wonderfully vocal and resilient community that DoTA today is at a stage where it is making headlines across some of the biggest names in journalism industry.

There are 18 teams participating in the tournament, representing China, South East Asia, Europe & the Americas. A few top teams are invited based upon their tournament participation, and results they achieve throughout the year. The majority of the teams however have to battle it out against the best in their regions to qualify for a spot in The International.

Is it an opportunity just for the professionals though?

Can an individual sitting in his own room in Zambia, make it to the tournament? Well turns out, he can. All you gotta do is be good at the game! And have an internet connection. Valve has a system in place where any individual can register a team with their friends, and sign up for a chance to qualify for The International. The process is extensive, long & arduous, but we have historically seen new teams filtering out of the process to take part in the Qualifiers.

So just what are the numbers we are talking about for the 18 teams participating? Approximate values as taken from DoTA official site are:

1st Place $10.5M
2nd Place $3.8M
3rd Place $2.51M
4th Place $1.67M
5th – 6th Place $1.07M
7th – 8th Place $598K
9th – 12th Place $359K
13th – 16th Place $119K


The community has said, sometimes, that the prize money is a bit top heavy, but we are not going to debate that. It is up to Valve and their marketing team to decide.

The first day of the International featured some of the best teams in the world, in American Evil Geniuses, Chinese teams Newbee & Invictus Gaming, & European powerhouse Team Liquid showing off their skills in highly competitive games against each other. Upsets were pulled off, to the woes & joys of many. Two teams have already been eliminated from the tournament, fan favorites Cloud9 among them.

Valve has a system in place where any individual can register a team with their friends, and sign up for a chance to qualify for The International.

The production value of the tournament for the average viewer is insane. If you are a self-proclaimed pro at DoTA, the main stream of the tournament caters to your viewing needs, with timely replays, in-game statistics, team’s previous played characters along with a healthy discussion on the team’s styles and what to expect from the games that are going to go down.

If however you are a beginner however, and have no idea what is going on, are feeling overwhelmed by the massive amounts of information being thrown at you, go ahead and join the Newcomer’s stream which we are sure is going to give you some great insight into the game itself, the teams and on how you can be a part of the community.

International’s stream is going to keep on going for the better of this week, you can tune in live at 9:00 AM PDT to either of the streams mentioned above. You will not regret it!


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