DoTA – The International 2017: What do you need to know

The season of Defense of The Ancients (DoTA) The International is upon us once again. This year will bring the 7th edition of the one of the most prestigious DoTA events on the globe. 18 teams will fight for a chance at getting their names embossed at the coveted Aegis of the Champions. One lucky, perhaps the best team in the world will leave the occasion $10 million richer.

Yes, you read that right. The prize for placing first in the competition currently stands at $10 million!

The International 2017 is one of the biggest tournaments on the globe, with respect to the sheer prize money involved. The total prize pool of the tournament, has crossed $23 million! In the eSports scene, this is the biggest tournament in history, with the International beating its own previous record set in 2016, at $20.7 million.

How does this relate to some of the other, more ‘tangible’ sports out there? Let’s look at what the winners get in some of the top sporting competitions around the globe:

1 UEFA Champions League Football Varies (2016 winners Real Madrid got $75 million)
2 Formula 1 MotorSport Varies (2015 winners Mercedez got $98.97m)
3 FIFA World Cup  Football $35m
4 European Championship  Football $29M
5 World Series (MLB) Baseball 36% of total prize money pool (2014 winners got $22.5m)
6 UEFA Europa League Football Varies (2014 winners got Sevilla got $16.4m)
7 Super Bowl  NFL $11M
8 FedEx Cup Golf $10m 
9 World Series Poker  Pokar $10m
10 Wimbledon Tennis $3.9m

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Looking at the above, we can immediately place The International 2017 in top 10 events with respect to the prize money. So how is a ‘video game’ making waves in the world and, just what is going on?

Brief History of DoTA

DoTA falls under the genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), it was developed in 2003 as a community driven map, part of Blizzard’s popular game Warcraft III. Warcraft was host to many other community maps as well, it offered the users to create any game they could think up using the map editors the game provided.

DoTA prevailed for a better part of 10 years on Blizzard’s platform. During the time, DoTA developed and further refined the intricacies that became the fundamental definition of the game we see today. Valve took over DoTA development as an independent standalone title in 2009. The Lead Developer for DoTA, known by his name IceFrog was hired by Valve to work on the project. DoTA was openly announced in 2010, and the first installation of the International, began the following year in 2011.

DoTA is infamous for its community. The community drives DoTA development, even now, with Valve owning the project itself. The DoTA community at Reddit is consistent in vocalizing the good, and the bad they see in the game development and Valve acts accordingly.

The current prize pool serves to highlight the numbers backing up DoTA, and the support valve has from the thriving community.

The community is so strong, that Valve makes the International event a community funded project. The community can buy certain in-game digital goods, quarter of the proceeds from this goes directly to the International prize pool. The current prize pool serves to highlight the numbers backing up DoTA, and the support valve has from the thriving community.

Dota International
Sumail of Team EG

Is Age a Factor?

Age is not a factor when it comes to the eSports industry. As an example, Sumail, current player for the Team Evil Geniuses, started his career at a tender age of 16. And, he also won the International with EG in the same year, becoming the youngest DoTA 2 TI Winner in the process, along with getting a hefty $1 million of the prize pool!

DoTA is completely free to play and own. All you need to do is head over to Steam(link), make an account, download & install the steam client. You gain access to a massive number of games, including DoTA, which you can search for in the client and install. Beware though, the game itself is very difficult and has a steep learning curve, which differentiates the title from other players in the MOBA category, primarily the popular League of Legends.

DoTA is completely free to play and own

If you want to learn more, or watch the event unfolding live from your PC, head over to the Newcomer stream where you will be guided through the interface, the game itself, by experts commentating on live matches. The stream begins at 09:00 P.D.T.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


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